GL.control is the controlling system of our machines



The GL.control system is set-up on two computing units. The user software is strictly separated from the NC software. This ensures its real-time capabilities and offers a comfortable control in the well-known windows environment.




position set point time 125 μs
set changing time < 100 μs
interpolation accuracy 0,6 x 10‾⁹ mm
Look Ahead 25000 sets
compensation grid-, cross-, temperature- and axis errors
transformations displacement, rotation, RTCP (Rotation Tool Center Point)
drive interface SERCOS III
laser control position synchronous pulse < 40 nm




The control of the series GL. supports a large number of interpolation types

  • linear
  • circle in principal planes and in space
  • splines contours
  • etc.



Coordinate transformations such as:

  • translations
  • rotations
  • 5-axis RTCP

Look Ahead

Look Ahead

Foresighted CNC

  • Dynamic look-ahead buffer providing a foresight of up to 25000 sets
  • Symmetric position set point filter for soft contour transitions
  • Monitoring of machine limit values
  • Monitoring of the programmed geometry



Laser micro machine Hardware Modul GL.mcu

The GL.mcu module: This flexible manual control unit allows an easy control in the set-up mode. Particularly the adjustment of workpieces can be viewed directly during their movement. Thus the handling ergonomics are considerably enhanced.



  • handwheel 100 pulses, wear-free magnetic detent mechanism
  • 1 pushbuttons 3-stage, 2 NO contact each, e. g. for enabling function
  • Tamper-proof EMERGENCY STOP device according to EN 13850, dual-channel
  • 1 selector switches with 5 positions each (0, 1, 10, 100, 1000)
  • 1 selector switches with 6 positions each (X, Y, Z, 4, 5, 6)
  • 3 membrane pushbuttons, 1 NO contact each



Gl.mcu an der GL.compact
Gl.mcu an der GL.compact
Gl.mcu an der GL.compact