GL.control is the controlling system of our machines



The GL.control system is set-up on two computing units. The user software is strictly separated from the NC software. This ensures its real-time capabilities and offers a comfortable control in the well-known windows environment.




position set point time 125 μs
set changing time < 100 μs
interpolation accuracy 0,6 x 10‾⁹ mm
Look Ahead 25000 sets
compensation grid-, cross-, temperature- and axis errors
transformations displacement, rotation, RTCP (Rotation Tool Center Point)
drive interface SERCOS III
laser control position synchronous pulse < 40 nm




The control of the series GL. supports a large number of interpolation types

  • linear
  • circle in principal planes and in space
  • splines contours
  • etc.



Coordinate transformations such as:

  • translations
  • rotations
  • 5-axis RTCP

Look Ahead

Look Ahead

Foresighted CNC

  • Dynamic look-ahead buffer providing a foresight of up to 25000 sets
  • Symmetric position set point filter for soft contour transitions
  • Monitoring of machine limit values
  • Monitoring of the programmed geometry



Laser micro machine Hardware Modul GL.mcu

The manual control unit makes it easier to operate the machine in set-up mode and in the optional special operating modes (e.g. GL.om3, GL.om4). It supports the operator in monitoring and parameterizing the laser machine and also provides additional safety functions (e.g. enabling button, emergency stop device).




GL.mcu for GL.evo, GL.compact, GL.compact PE, GL.compact II

  • handwheel, 100 pulses, wear-free magnetic detent mechanism
  • 1x enabling switch, 3-stage, 2 NO contacts each
  • tamper-proof emergency stop device according to EN ISO 13850, dual-channel
  • 1 selector switch with 6 positions (X, Y, Z, 4, 5, 6)
  • 1 selector switch with 5 positions (0, 1, 10, 100, 1000)

GL.mcu touch for, GL.ultra

  • Multi-touch screen (10 inch)
  • 1x enabling button, 3-stage, dual-channel
  • 1x emergency stop button, dual-channel
  • attached to the operator terminal



Gl.mcu an der GL.compact
Gl.mcu an der GL.compact
Gl.mcu an der GL.compact