Laser micro machine hardware module GL.distance

The GL.distance module is available for the highest precision requirements in the field of micro drilling and precision cutting. A confocal chromatic sensor measures the distance to the component before machining. Deviations and tolerances of the component surface can thus be recorded and corrected before machining.

Thus, the repeatability and standard deviation of bores and cuts can be significantly improved. In addition, interference contours are detected at the machining position. Furthermore GL.distance allows a High-precision diameter and position determination of laser turned parts.



  • Measurement frequency/measurement rate: maximum 25 kHz
  • Light source: LED
  • Measuring range: 2 mm
  • Measuring distance: 61 mm
  • Measuring spot diameter: 12.5 μm
  • Linearity deviation – distance measurement: (+/- 1.5 μm)
  • Resolution: 50 nm (averaged over 512 values at 1 kHz, MBM)