Laser micro machine hardware module GL.optifix

The GL.optifix module provides fixed optics for laser drilling, precision cutting and ablation to meet the highest accuracy requirements. There are no moving components in the optics, thus reducing the positioning error to the precision of the axis system.

The GL.optifix is mounted with a Hirth spur gear toothing, which, in addition to its compactness, enables maximum positioning and repeat accuracy as well as fast assembly and disassembly. For work with different focal lengths or wavelengths, different focusing lenses can be used in GL.optifix. These lenses can be adjusted laterally so that the optics can be aligned with the laser beam, thereby avoiding optical errors (such as astigmatism).

Laser machining often requires the use of assist gases to increase the efficiency and quality of a process. The GL.optifix gas nozzle is adjustable over three degrees of freedom (x, y, z) to ensure optimal flow behaviour. Protective glass is also integrated – it safely protects the focusing optics from contamination and thereby ensures a long lifetime.



  • Mounted and aligned in the quick change-over system
  • Focusing lens adjustable in X-Y direction
  • Optics with different focal lengths and coatings
  • Gas nozzle with protective glass adjustable in X-Y-Z direction
  • Free aperture: max. 30 mm
  • connection up to 10 bar
  • Gas nozzles with diameter 0.5 – 2 mm
  • Simultaneous machining with two drill heads
  • Transport box included