Laser micro machine hardware module GL.scan

For the precise production of structures or deep engravings, the laser systems of GFH GmbH can be equipped with a scanner system that positions the laser beam on the workpiece via two mirrors. Since these optical axes only have low masses that must be moved, highly dynamic and flexible machining is possible.

The scanner is aligned and permanently mounted in the quick change-over system, which ensures a quick and repeatable changing between different process optics. A broad range of optics is available to cover different focal diameters, scanning areas, and wavelengths.

The drift is minimized by active water cooling of the drives and regular self-calibration, thus ensuring a constantly precise machining result even over a long period of time.

The GL.scan module can be paired with a motorised beam expander to create a 3D scanning system.



  • 2 axes galvanometer scanner
  • mounted and aligned in the quick change-over system
  • water cooling of electronics and galvos
  • free aperture: 14 mm
  • automatic self-calibration
  • high performance mirrors
  • digital position sensors
  • automatic self-calibration
  • image field correction
  • incl. activation electronics
  • typical positioning speed: up to 200 rad/s (≙ 20 m/s with focusing optics f = 100 mm)
  • drag distortion: < 0.15 ms
  • long-term drift over 8 hours: < 20 μrad
  • repeat accuracy (RMS): < 2 μrad
  • wide range of focal lengths for different wavelengths
  • transport box included