Laser micro machining hardware module

The optical measuring system facilitates the positioning of the component under the laser and also offers the possibility of optical measurement with the resolution of a microscope. The operation and programming of measuring cycles is carried out via the GL.control controller and the software module.


  • calibration of workpiece and handing over the zero point setting
  • manual measurement of objects (line, distance, circle,...)
  • editing of complex measurement programms with edge detection and different algorithms autofocus procedure
  • CMOS chip with the dimensions 5,95 x 4,76 mm
  • zoom factors on the chip: 1,05 x - 12,95 x
  • object field in mm: 5,72 x 4,58 – 0,46 x 0,37
  • working distance: 31 mm
  • resolution: 1 µm
  • motor-driven zoom
  • coaxial light