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Laser micro machine


The laser turning machine

The newly developed laser system with up to 16 simultaneous axes is the all-purpose weapon for laser micro machining. This machine with its compact design offers the possibility of combination machining including laser drilling, turning and cutting, along with increased output by means of parallel processing on two stations. Integrating a bar feeder as the loading unit and a six-axis robot for removing the finished parts makes the production line fully autonomous.

All heat sources in the machine are actively cooled with water, including the direct drives of all axes. The areas of application for the range from machining flat components up to a maximum size of 40x40x10 mm³ to machining rotationally symmetrical components to a diameter of up to 12 mm and a maximum length of 200 mm and extending to 3+2 axis machining of components measuring 30x30x30 mm³.

The deep integration of our components into the control system enables online monitoring of the production processes, as well as efficient service, thus fulfilling all the requirements of a production machine.



  • Combination machining: Drilling, turning & cutting
  • Parallel processing on two stations
  • Direct drive in all axes
  • Water-cooled drives
  • Position-controlled turning spindle with 3500 rpm
  • Work area variable depending on equipment
  • Rotationally symmetrical components up to a diameter of 12 mm
  • Small set-up area: 2.3 m²
  • Integrated automation
  • Optional six-axis robot for autonomous unloading function


The following link will lead you to the specifications of the

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Axis type Linear Rotatary
Drive type Direct drive Torque drive
Bearing arrangement Profiled rail guide M&V-guidance Profiled rail guide Air bearings Cross roller bearings
Travels [mm] 500 40 220 Endless +/- 90° Endless
Speed 30 m/min 3500 rpm 700 rpm 700 rpm
Acceleration 5 m/s² 150 1/s² 160 1/s² 220 1/s²
Repeatability 1 µm 2 arcsec 10 arcsec
Positioning Accuracy 2 µm 3 arcsec 10 arcsec
Perpendicularity < 10 arcsec ---
Perm. comp. weight 20 kg 0,5 kg
Clamping set-up Drilling pattern Clamping system for collets Clamping system
Sound pressure level ≤ 70 dB
Dimensions D=1026 mm; W=2212 mm; H=2219 mm - without supply unit
Rod bearings On request
Parts magazine In accordance with customer component
Total weight 3700 kg without suplly units





With GL.control you have the possibility to control all sub systems of the machine and coordinate them. The operator of the machine can program all of the tasks in one single user interface.


Software options

The modular design of our GL.control software allows the machine control system to be expanded with a range of functions. Thus the user is able to adapt the software configuration to their requirements.

Software options

Hardware options

Thanks to the modular design, the GL.machines can be expanded with options and therefore adapted precisely to future applications. The following hardware options are available.

Hardware options