Laser marking system



With the laser marking system vials are labeled separately and individually with the laser. The feeder, and the fixation is carried out automatically. The handling is done by an integrated robot. Every camshaft is provided by an DMC.

The component feeding can be automated on demand.



Laser marking system Highlights
  • Laser marking of PE-vials (wall thickness: 1mm)
  • Implemented traceability
  • Automatic feeding by a gripper system
  • Laser Class 1 with closed protection
  • Implemented automatic and manual operation
  • Cycle time: 1,5 s
  • 84 Signs / cycle
  • Availability: 98 %
  • Inscription depth: ca. 0,1mm
  • Linked to a production line
Laser marking system Highlights #2
  • Graphic interface with different user levels
  • Control and safety modules from B & R
  • Pneumatic components from Bosch Rexroth
  • Separating protective equipment made of stainless steel
  • CO2 Laser รก 100W
  • Integrated scanner
  • Water cooled laser system
  • Suction system for emitted hazardous substances
  • Inscription depth: ca. 0,1mm
  • Modular design for versatile usability