Laser welding cell



With the welding laser cell various components are joined together.

The components are being placed manually into the device on a rotary index table. Thereafter, the automatic mode starts with the corresponding machining processes.



Machines laser welding cell Highlights
  • Processing of stainless steel valves
  • Processing of 38 variants
  • Axial welding of plates and pipes
  • CFO welding optics
  • Fillet weld up to 45°
  • Parallel processing at three stations (joining, welding, brushing)
  • Joining force: 20 kN
  • Brushing by HF milling spindle
  • Laser: TruDisk 2602
  • Controls: Jetter JetControl
  • Cycle time: 28s
  • Working space suction
  • Laser class: 1
  • A-scaled sound pressure level, LpA < 70 dB(A)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 2m x 2,3m x 3m