Laser micro machining in Electronics Sector



More and more complexe electronic systems require precise solutions.

Thanks to ultrafast-Lasers, laser micro machining systems are capable to execute high-precise processing steps on smallest electric and electronic materials. Micro actuators, which are no regulated by a measuring system, are only limited dynamical and precise, for example automatically adjustable exterior mirrors or even a CD player. The difficulty is to miniaturise the sensors equivalent to the micro actuators.

This is where laser micro machining is getting serious: A high-precise cutting (laser cutting) of sensoric foils in sub microns area with ultrafast laser beam is possible. Due to their way of building, electro components are very limited in their measurements.

At the same time, they have to produce more and more power. The therefore resulted arising heat development can cause damage to the sensitive electronic components. This is the reason, why cooling channels can be built in nearly all electro- and electronic materials with ultrafast-laser beam to support heat removal.