Mould making

GFH laser micro-processing equipment is used in the production of tooling inserts for micro-injection moulding. Miniature plastic components often only weigh a few micrograms. The negative moulds required for the fabrication of such components are correspondingly delicate. Laser technology is used for the fabrication of these moulds, since only laser processing supports high-precision fabrication on such a small scale.

Injection moulding of elastomer components results in burrs, especially when large quantities are produced. In order to reduce the formation of such material protrusions, the gaps in the tool must not be too large. At the same time, they must not fall below a certain minimum. Air must be able to escape from the cavity for perfect filling of the tool. In order to keep the gaps as small as possible and therefore avoid burrs, laser technology is used to apply venting channels to the tool. This significantly reduces post-processing for elastomer components.

For tool and mould construction, GFH also supplies precision components produced on our own equipment or in the facilities of other manufacturers.

For applications in the customer’s operation, GFH offers special machine construction solutions upon request.