Plastics processing

Thanks to their many different characteristics, plastics are used more and more frequently in virtually all industries. Laser technology is used in plastics processing and the production of special tools. Special machines and equipment can also be produced especially for manufacturing processes in the plastics industry.

Injection moulding tools

Micro-injection-moulding tools, which are difficult to fabricate using conventional methods, are needed for the production of miniature plastic components. GFH laser micro-processing equipment combined with ultrafast lasers permits the fabrication of tooling inserts, for example for connector or watch components as well as micro-turbines.

Extremely small bores often have to be applied to plastics. Special surface structures are also required for certain plastic components. Ultrafast lasers can be used to create laser bores in the micrometer range as well as micro-structures. The targeted, very short laser pulses permit absorption and can therefore also be used to process polymers.

Custom machines automate processing steps

Special handling equipment can also be developed to automate individual production steps. These serve to load tools and to remove components. GFH equipment is also used in follow-up processes such as quality assurance, assembly and packaging.