Depending on the type of application, a distinction is made between four processes in laser micromachining: micro drilling, micro cutting, engraving and laser turning.

Micro drilling

Micro drilling / Laser drilling

The laser is a very flexible drilling tool that allows very small diameters, different hole shapes and high-precision drilling with high aspect ratios in a wide variety of materials.

Fine cutting

Fine cutting / laser cutting

Micro cutting with ultra-short pulse lasers enables burr-free cutting without thermal influences and is therefore ideally suited for the production of small and high-precision components.


Engraving / deep engraving

As a flexible and wear-free tool, the laser produces the smallest microforms by removing material layer by layer. In addition, it is possible to specifically influence the properties of the workpiece surface by means of microstructuring.

Laser turning
Laser turning

Due to contactless machining, it is possible to produce turned parts with the smallest diameters and from any material without wear and with the highest precision.

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