Laser machines

We build high-precision laser micro-processing systems with ultra-short pulse lasers in series. Our market-proven laser machines help customers worldwide from the development of new components to fully automated 24/7 production.

Our aim is to build machines with the highest precision and quality.

We ensure this by carrying out the engineering of all areas in-house ourselves and by optimally designing each individual component of the laser machine for its intended purpose. The specialized assembly as part of our certified manufacturing process guarantees consistent quality as well as compliance with the Machinery Directive and CE-compliant design.

The use of the highest quality materials and components from well-known suppliers is self-edvident for us

Our laser systems are used for the complete range of ultra-short pulse laser processing and thus for fine cutting, micro drilling, laser turning and engraving. In order to meet versatile requirements, we have developed different laser micro machine types and a modular machine concept. This ensures that the customer can fall back on a reliable series solution and at the same time receive optimal features for his application.

The collaboration between the client and GFH GmbH begins long before the machine is built. With our years of experience and the range of services in precision manufacturing, we support you right from the feasibility assessment to the production of the first functional models. From this we develop the optimal concept and accompany you through all project phases until the machine is up and running in your production line. Even after that, we remain a reliable partner with a comprehensive after-sales offer.

If a special application goes beyond the existing product portfolio, the entire know-how of the development team is ready to make customer-specific adjustments up to the development of complete special solutions.

Laser machine

The machine concept of GL. smart enables maximum productivity for the production of rotationally symmetrical components in the smallest space.


Laser machines GL.compact

The GL. compact is the entry-level model for universal laser microprocessing.

GL.compact II

Laser machines GL.compact II

The GL.compact II offers high-end mechanical engineering for flexible use in a compact size.

Laser machines GL.evo

The universal laser micro machine GL.evo for highest accuracy requirements up to 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Laser machines GL.ultra

The flexible machine concept of GL.ultra guarantees maximum output for series production with its innovative axis system.