laser machine

The compactly constructed laser machine offers besides the possibility of combined machining of laser drilling, turning, and cutting, an increase in output for the customer by parallel machining on two stations. All heat sources in the laser machine, including the direct drives of all axis will be actively cooled with water. The machine concept of GL. smart is aimed at machining rotationally symmetrical components and also offers the option of 3+2 axis machining with the optional counter spindle.

The deep integration of our components into the control system enables online monitoring of production processes as well as efficient service and therefore fulfils all requirements of a production machine.


  • precision, flexibility and productivity combined in one machine

  • combination machining: drilling, cutting and turning

  • parallel processing on two stations

  • double output

  • direct drive in all axes

  • water-cooled drives

  • position-controlled rotary spindle with 3500 rpm
  • working area variable depending on the equipment

  • small installation area: 2,3 sqm

  • integrated automation

  • optional six-axis robot for autonomous discharge function



Here you can find all technical details of the laser machine including axle arrangement and installation measurement.

Axis X/P Y/Q Z A/U B/V C/W [GL .rotil SE] C/W [GL .rotil SE air]
Axis type linear rotary
Drive type direct drive torque drive
Bearing profiled rail guide M&V-guidance profiled rail guide air bearings cross roller bearings air bearings
Travels [mm] 500 40 220 endless +/- 90° endless
Speed 30 m/min 3500 U/min 700 U/min 700 U/min 2500 U/min
Acceleration 5 m/s² 150 1/s² 160 1/s² 220 1/s²
Repeatability 1 µm 2 arcsec 10 arcsec 2,5 arcsec
Positioning accuracy 2 µm 3 arcsec 20 arcsec 5 arcsec
Perm. comp. weight Customized component testing 0,5 kg
Clamping set-up drilling pattern clamping system for collets clamping system
Sound pressure level ≤ 70 dB
Dimensions [mm] D = 1026 / W=2212 – Height depends on laser – H = 2333 or H=2483 – without supply unit
Rod bearings On request
Parts magazine In accordance with customer component
Total weight 3700 kg without suplly units


With GL.control you have the possibility to control all sub systems of the machine and coordinate them. The operator of the machine can program all of the tasks in one single user interface. The controlling software GL.control is basic equipment of the


The modular design of our GL.control software allows the machine control system to be expanded with a range of functions. Thus the user is able to adapt the software configuration to their requirements.