Hardware module GL.trepan

Hardwaremodul GL.trepan

With the GL.trepan module, GFH GmbH is offering trepanning optics based on rotating cylindrical lenses. These are set into a precision balanced spindle, ensuring absolute precision of the path roundness even at high rotational speeds. In addition to the rotary movement on the workpiece, the beam profile itself is also rotated, to ensure that round holes are produced even if the laser beam profile is not perfect. The bore diameter and the wall angle can be determined in a fully automated process through a beam deflection system. This flexible setting enables GL.trepan to produce not only the positive conical bores typical of laser processing, but also cylindrical or negative conical bores. The activation is fully integrated into a graphic software module, in which the user can create process strategies (such as spiralising) and thus selectively optimise the quality and efficiency. In addition to micro drilling, GL.trepan can also be used to generate high precision cuts with vertical edges. The laser beam is aligned accordingly and brought up to the rotational speed. Then the actual cut occurs through relative movement of the workpiece and processing optics along the cutting line.


  • co-rotating intensity profile of the laser beam

  • optical rotation speed: up to 30000 rpm

  • no shift in the centre of gravity

  • change of diameter, feed angle and focus position during the drilling pro- cess is possible

  • negative and positive conicity

  • cutting with vertical cutting edges

  • spatial separation of rotation unit and process optics

  • no adjustable components in the rotation unit

  • combination with GL.optifix or GL.scan possible