Watches and jewellery

In the fabrication of watches and jewellery, GFH laser micro-processing equipment is mainly used for surface processing. Precision fabrication is also among the company’s core competencies. Des Weiteren zählt auch die Präzisionsfertigung zu den Kernbereichen des Unternehmens.

Matting using laser technology

In the past, matting gold and silver jewellery was only possible with one of two different methods: the chemical process and mechanical brushing. Surface structuring using laser technology is a new method that results in highly homogenous matting, even on 3D components. The result lasts three times as long compared to conventional methods.

Watch components are frequently fabricated in very small quantities. The advantage of GFH laser micro-processing equipment is that it is also highly precise, with very small quantities thanks to its very high mechanical accuracy – even when only a single component is produced.

Custom fabrication

To meet customer requests, GFH also offers custom precision fabrication of watch and jewellery components in its own plant.