We consistently rely on the high-tech technology of ultra-short pulse laser processing. The ultra-short pulse laser as a production tool can play out its strengths in particular when structural sizes become smaller and smaller and at the same time demands for precision, burr-freeness and flexibility increase. The non-contact removal and the extremely low heat input provide the best prerequisite for the required high quality of the high-tech materials to be processed.

In production, these lasers are used wherever controlled, high-precision machining is required in a reproducible manner.

Medical technology

Medical technology laser technology

Absolute reliability and the highest quality standards are the core competencies in medical technology.

Watches and jewellery

Laser machine for watch making

Surface structuring by means of laser technology is a new method for achieving a particularly homogeneous matting.

Textile industry

Laser drilling in the textile industry

Dynamics, process reliability and stability are the prerequisites that machines and systems must fulfil within the textile industry.

Electronics sector
Laser microprocessing in the electronics industry

The increasingly complex systems in the electrical industry require high-precision solutions.

Inspection and Measuring Technology
Laser engraving in inspection and measurement technology

In the testing and measurement technology, components are becoming smaller and smaller – and so the sensors which are responsible for measuring particularly low tolerance ranges.

Mould making
Laser micro-processing systems for mold making

Laser technology is used to produce these moulds, since only laser microprocessing allows high-precision machining.

Mechanical and Plant Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Laser Technology

Dynamics, process reliability and stability are the requirements that machines and plants in the textile industry must meet.

Aviation and aerospace
Laser systems in aviation and aerospace industry

Laser technology is increasingly replacing processes that are reaching their limits here.

Automotive sector
Laser micro-processing systems for the automotive industry

Almost the entire range of possible laser technology applications is used in the automotive sector.

Plastics processing
Laser machines in plastics processing

Laser technology is used for the processing of plastics and for the production of special tools.

Tool production
Manufacturing of laser processing tools

In the field of tool manufacturing, laser microprocessing is mainly used for the generation of chip stages.

Ultrashort pulse laser (UKP) in the packaging industry

Laser technology is playing an increasingly important role in the packaging of medicines and the labelling of automotive parts.

Food industry
Lasers in the food industry

In the food industry, the purity of the product is paramount. To ensure this, more and more manufacturers are using laser technology.