Inspection and Measuring Technology

Inspection and measuring technology components are always getting smaller – including the sensors responsible for measuring especially tight tolerance ranges. At the same time, the miniaturised sensors have to fulfil more functions. In the production of these sensitive components, GFH laser micro-processing equipment is used for both engraving and precision drilling – for conventional as well as innovative sensor materials.

GFH equipment is also used for master and calibration components. These tools require high-precision fabrication due to their function. For example, evenness standards and flow rate masters are created using laser technology.

Special machine fabrication and complete manufacturing in our own facilities

GFH manufactures complete inspection and measuring technology components in its own facilities as a service.

The company also builds inspection and measuring machines which are no longer available in the market as standard equipment on behalf of its customers. Among other things, special gasoline injector test stands and spray analysis chambers as well as measuring mandrels for vertical boring and turning mills have also been developed.