Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Dynamics, process security and stability are the prerequisites that must be met by industrial machines and equipment – from special machines to series production equipment.

Precision drilling

Laser micro-processing is used in manufacturing, for example in order to guarantee the longest possible lifespan for components subject to extreme strain. It is suitable for processing almost all materials, from stainless steel and plastics to hardened steel and diamonds. Laser technology and electrical discharge machining (EDM) are used to create high-precision bores in the micrometer range. Various materials can also be drilled with virtually no burrs. Laser micro-processing is also used, for example, to produce atomiser nozzles and bearing components.

Surface processing

In addition to precision drilling, creating functional surfaces also plays a major role in mechanical and plant engineering. For example, micro-structuring is used to achieve special surface topographies that influence friction and wear characteristics. This allows structures which minimise friction and extend the lifespan of components to be applied even to complex surfaces.

Conclusion: laser processing instead of milling and EDM

Laser micro-processing is increasingly replacing conventional milling and EDM in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. In contrast, laser processing features especially high flexibility for various applications. Wear-free processing is also possible. Tool wear can be reduced to a minimum as well. Furthermore, laser processing is the only method that supports high-precision work in the micrometer range.