GL.evo laser machine

The GL.evo is a universal and high-precision tool machine for industrial laser microprocessing. The machine concept harmonizes the requirements of high-precision and dynamic kinematics with the requirements of ultra-short pulse laser technology and enables production of the most challenging components up to the possibility of 5-axis simultaneous machining.

This means that the laser machine is therefore used in all laser micro machining processes and can be optimally customized to customers requirements via different modules.

The control of the machine, the beam source and the different modules are controlled from a consistent user interface. This procedure leads to intuitive operation of the system and enables the control and steering of all process parameters in real time. This significantly reduces the development time for the machining process and guarantees to identify the optimal parameter set of the machining in a short time.


  • working area 640 x 445 [mm]

  • machine base made of granite

  • excellent damping and long-term stability

  • positioning accuracy: +/-1 µm

  • acceleration: 2 g

  • axle speed: 2 m/s

  • air-bearing axle guides in X and Y

  • 5-axis simultaneous machining (universal)

  • active water cooling

  • high temperature stability

  • vibration-optimised structure

  • no wear in the guides

  • control cabinet integrated into the machine



Here you can find all technical details of the GL.evo laser machine including axle arrangement and installation measurement.

Axis X Y Z A C
Axis type linear rotary
Drive type direct drive spindle drive torque drive
Bearing air bearings M&V-guidance roller bearing air bearings
Travels [mm] 640 445 360 +/- 110° endless
Speed 120 m/min 60 m/min 500 U/min 700 U/min
Acceleration 20 m/s² 170 1/s² 120 1/s²
Repeatability 1 µm 3 µm 4 arcsec 2 arcsec
Positioning accuracy 1,5 µm 4 µm 5 arcsec 4 arcsec
Perm. comp. weight 100 kg 10 kg
Clamping set-up T-notches plate clamping system
Sound pressure level ≤ 70 dB
Dimensions[mm] B = 2344 / T = 3455 / H = 3087
Total weight 13 t


With GL.control you have the possibility to control all sub systems of the machine and coordinate them. The operator of the machine can program all of the tasks in one single user interface. The controlling software GL.control is basic equipment of the GL.evo.


The modular design of our GL.control software allows the machine control system to be expanded with a range of functions. Thus the user is able to adapt the software configuration to their requirements.