Hardware module GL.topo

Hardwaremodul GL.topo

In order to evaluate high-precision machining, even more precise measuring technology is required.

GL.topo is an optical measuring system for surface detection, which makes it possible to reliably detect even the typically minute structuresand thin layers in laser processing. The measurement is based on a confocal chromatic sensor, which achieves an axial resolution of a few nanometers and enables several thousand measurements per second. GL.topo is fully integrated into the machine design and operated via the GL.control software. GL.topo is used for quality assurance of the components as well as for data acquisition for replica production or for determining the residual material to be removed.


  • chromatic confocal sensor

  • measuring distance: 21 mm

  • measuring range: 1 mm

  • measurement frequency: 10 kHz

  • measuring spot diameter: 4 µm

  • numerical aperture: 0,7

  • fully integrated into the controller and software

  • filter functionalities (high filter, intensity filter)

  • up to 5 encoder inputs