GL.compact II laser machine

The compactly constructed version GL. compact II offers besides maximum machining precision an attractive design, universal installation options and an automation function for series production. The laser machine covers the entire spectrum of laser processing from micro-drilling to fine-cutting and removal. It has been designed for the highest accuracy requirements in the smallest installation space. Besides the machine base, the slides of the linear axes are made of granite, which guarantees a reduced material mix and which stabilizes the core temperature during the machining processes. All heat sources in the machine, including the axle drives, are actively cooled with water. This concept offers a very robust behaviour to internal and external temperature influences and thus guarantees a long-term stable machining result.

High-precision mechanical guides in combination with linear drives and highly rigid kinematics improve the angular errors of each individual translational and rotational axis. As a result, both nodding and yawing were improved by a factor of 5 compared to the previous model.

Numerous optional, interchangeable modules, which can be used to equip and expand the GL. compact II, round off the machine concept. The established advantages of Hirth-gearing are therefore consistently relied on in order to keep the changeover times as short as possible. A changeover accuracy of <2 µm makes requalification of existing production processes superfluous.


  • working range: 400 x 400 mm²

  • small set-up area: < 3.5 sqm

  • 5-axis simultaneous machining

  • new cooling concept based on water-cooled drives and a temperature-stabilising granite structure

  • active water cooling of all linear motors

  • high temperature resistance

  • optimal accessibility

  • robot connection via automation cell

  • user-friendly due to ergonomic operating units



Here you can find all technical details of the GL.compact II laser machine including axle arrangement and installation measurement.

Axis X Y Z B C
Axis type linear rotary
Drive type direct drive torque drive
Bearing profiled rail guide M&V-guidance radial thrust bearings cross roller bearings
Travels [mm] 400 390 360 +/- 110° endless
Speed 30 m/min 200 U/min 500 U/min
Acceleration 5 m/s² 160 1/s² 220 1/s²
Repeatability 1 µm 2 arcsec
Positioning accuracy 1,5 µm 2 µm 5 arcsec
Perm. comp. weight 20 kg 2 kg
Clamping set-up clamping system
Sound pressure level ≤ 70 dB
Dimensions [mm] D =1 536 / W = 2036 / H = 2219 – without supply unit
Total weight 3700 kg without internal control cabinet


With GL.control you have the possibility to control all sub systems of the machine and coordinate them. The operator of the machine can program all of the tasks in one single user interface. The controlling software GL.control is basic equipment of the GL.compact II.


The modular design of our GL.control software allows the machine control system to be expanded with a range of functions. Thus the user is able to adapt the software configuration to their requirements.