Software modules

Our in-house developed user software GL.control makes it possible to control all subsystems of the laser machine and to combine them with each other. Thus the operator of the system can program all processes with one software


The status module shows you the current status of the machine. The current axes positions and the condition of the laser are displaned here. To gain an overview of the most important information of the machine a reduced form of the GL.status window is shown in every GL module.

With the NC-module you are able to edit G-Code programs or to import those from CAD-CAM-systems. Particular properties of the module are:

  • highlighting of NC orders, operands and and brackets, automatic indentation of function blocks

  • tab program windows enable you to open multiple windows

  • splitting the program window

  • macro functionality (frequently used NC code can be defined as a macro and called up in various NC projects)

  • dynamical reading of coordinate data
  • font size and background colour changeable

  • control of the laser with NC-orders

  • auto-complete


In this graphical user interface you have the possibility to create 2D-geometries quickly and easily. The preferences of this module are:

  • generation of 2D geometries (line, rectangle, circle, ellipse, …)

  • exhibition of the created geometries in the display window

  • insertion of user defined scan fields in the machining area

  • combination of axis and scanner machining within the same operation

  • processing of grayscale images

  • allocation of individual parameters to each geometry

  • creating of lettering

  • geometrical operations (hatching, repetition, mirroring, offset, duplication)

  • import function for the following formats: Drawing Interchange File Format (DXF), Scalable vector graphics (SVG), Adobe Illustrator (AI), Excellon coordinates

  • 2D cylinder surface interpolation

  • insert of lead in and lead out paths and micro junctions of cutting geometries

  • automatic rounding of corners

  • duplicate function for simple parameter determination

  • Creation of lettering, data matrix and QR code

Several programs from different GL.modules can be processed one after the other. Control of extended machine functions:

  • opening of cabin door

  • switching on/off suction

  • set the component zero point

  • switching the laser diode off

  • switching vacuum on/off