About us

The GFH GmbH is one of the global leaders and technology pioneer in designing and engineering of high precision laser micro machines with ultrafast lasers. One of the focus areas lays within the continuous development of the “tool” called laser.
One of the focus areas lays within the continuous development of the “tool” called laser. Nowadays, the laser technology is already applied for different types of processing, with lowest tolerance and no deterioration, such as: micro cutting, laser turning, laser drilling, micro structuring and micro engraving. As a result, the laser technology of GFH does not only improve the productivity of serial production but also lays the foundation for innovative production methods and future production demands.
In addition we offer a professional job shop where our clients needs are met. This production takes place in our company building with our own inhouse manufactured laser micro machines.

Series- and special machines under one roof

Considered the wide range of productional tasks our portfolio of laser workstations does contain various types of serial production solutions which can be individualized easily and effectively. This allows us to shorten delivery times and ensure optimal production results as well as a high planning certainty for our clients.
For very specific needs, we can draw on many years of experience in building special machines. This allows us to build a unique workstation for the customers requirements catalogue.

Support from A-Z

Throughout the development and commissioning of your very own GFH laser workstation – and beyond that – our experts will always stand by your side and help you with all questions, problems and wishes.
To exhaust all the possibilities of state-of-the-art technologies and achieve maximum performance and quality, our professional employees elaborate a manufacturing strategy in close cooperation with our client. The expertise of our team goes far beyond the pure laser technology and includes, among others, the qualification of the components and metrology.
Beyond that we supervise the custom made process from the very first feasibility study to mass production to assure that all processes are geared to each other and the final result surpasses all expectations.

Focus area

Laser micro machining includes a wide range of different processes which is constantly expanding. Our man focus and area of expertise are: micro drilling, fine cutting, ablation and laser turning.