Automotive sector

Virtually the full range of laser technology applications is utilised in the automotive sector. Custom solutions for various injection systems have been developed in the field of precision manufacturing. Special machines have also been designed for various workflows in the automobile industry.

Flexibility and precision: GFH laser micro-processing equipment

In an injection system, the injection hole bores can have a specific impact on combustion within the engine. GFH laser micro-processing equipment supports numerous forms of high-precision drilling in the micrometer range. The range of bores extends from negative conical to laval forms. The equipment is therefore suitable for a broad range of applications with simultaneous ultimate precision, while the unit costs remain relatively low.

Laser micro-structuring serves to create functional surface finishes. For example, channels can be applied to a surface for the targeted drainage of leaks.

Ultrafast laser processing is used in component upgrading in order to give certain vehicle components an unmistakeable character.

Individual complete production of injection components

Since the requirements for injection systems are becoming more and more specialised, engine builders are developing increasingly customised solutions. However, these are usually produced in small quantities which not only requires universal but also a highly precise machine technology. This is why GFH offers custom fabrication of complete injection components to its customers.

Special machine construction

Building special machines also plays a major role in the automotive sector: special flow-through and injector test stands are used in quality assurance for injection components, and to optimise the performance of complete injectors. Assembly systems and inline laser micro-processing equipment are also used.