Hardware module GL.beam

Hardwaremodul GL.beam

The position GL.beam includes the complete beam path from the laser to the process optics within the machine. The laser is mounted and aligned precisely on a granite substrate in accordance with the manufacturer‘s specifications in order to achieve a low-vibration state for high-precision process machining. On the electrical and control side, the laser, including the safety circuit, is completely integrated into the system concept. After leaving the laser head, the laser beam is guided into a monoblock optical box made of aluminium. In the optics box, the raw beam of the laser is expanded by an optimal factor according to the application and process optics. The beam expander used for this purpose is mounted in a 5-axis positioning system to ensure collinear positioning to the beam. In addition to the built-in optical elements, the optics box offers the possibility of integrating further optics or optomechanics at a later stage, such as retardation plates, special telescopes or beam formers (DOEs). From the optics box, the beam is guided along the axes to the process optics via deflection units including 2“ deflection mirrors. The complete jet path is encapsulated with tubes or bellows and subjected to a slight overpressure. This prevents the ingress of dust even in a production environment and ensures a long service life of the optics used.


  • Several wavelengths can be combined in one beam path

  • realization of several beam paths for different optical setups possible

  • encapsulated against dust and pressurized

  • stability through monobloc construction

  • space available for retrofitting additional optical elements

  • special solutions can be implemented on customer request