GFH GmbH management and team



Our team has been built up systematically since the foundation of the GFH GmbH. Our area of business is professional competence that covers all key technologies in the domain of the precision manufacturing and special equipment construction.

Because our customers demand a great deal of us, we make great demands for the qualification of our employees. 50% of our employees are engineers and further 20% are technicians or masters.

In addition, we employ a large number of students who can gather valuable industrial experiences during their study or their practical course to strengthen the team later on. They already accompany projects during their studies which they can take on later seamlessly.

The expertise of our employees runs from the classical mechanical engineering to the modern production engineering up to the process engineering. In close collaboration with the physicists, material scientists, fine work engineer, technician in measurement technology technicians, electrical engineering technicians they make the basis of our knowledge and cover our development division of the laser shaping from the measurement up to optical design.





Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Anton Pauli

Managing Partner


MBA, B. Eng. Florian Lendner





Markus Brand

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Markus Brand

Head of special machines / QMA

Julia Hohmann

Julia Hohmann

Head of Administration

Bernd Schreiner

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Bernd Schreiner

Head of Control Engineering

Frank Siegel

Dr.-Ing. Frank Siegel

Head of Precision Manufacturing

Robert Walter

Robert Walter

Head of Planning

Raimund Kleingütl

B.Eng. Raimund Kleingütl

Head of Service

Simon Stockbauer

B.Eng. Simon Stockbauer

Head of Electrical Engineering

Dongping Wang

Dipl.-Ing Dongping Wang

Head of Optical Assembly

Andreas Hirtreiter

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Andreas Hirtreiter

Head of Software Engineering

Gregor Veit

Dipl.-Bw.(FH) Gregor Veit

Head of Sales

Johannes Sagstetter

B.Eng. Johannes Sagstetter

Head of Mechanical Design

Arno Freudenstein

Logistikmeister (IHK) Arno Freudenstein

Head of Stock Management

Markus Schober

Industriemeister Markus Schober

Head of Production & Assembly