Optimized UKP laser micro cutting process for series production

Published On: 21.06.2022
GFH GmbH Optimierter UKP-Mikroschneidprozess

Optimized UKP laser micro cutting process for series production - Effective immediately, the UKP laser will also become an important option in series production. Thanks to an optimized laser process, the precision manufacturer GFH from Deggendorf achieves a speed increase of 50-100 times in high-precision applications with vertical cuts compared to previous UKP laser micro cutting applications.

As a result, the production speeds of the UKP laser are now comparable to those of electrical discharge machining (EDM). At the same time, the process continues to offer the advantages of a UKP laser, such as minimal heat input into the material, flexibly selectable edge geometry, and a wide variety of material choices. The increase in speed is made possible, among other things, by the use of higher laser power. Thus, the new cutting process achieves significantly higher processing speeds. Combined with the patented GFH trepanning optics and optimized component handling, this results in up to a 100-fold increase in productivity. More than sufficient to become the production method of choice for a variety of series applications.