micro cutting




Laser cutting with ultrafast lasers:

Special trepanning optics allow for right-angled cuts in the ┬Ám range without post-processing.

With the GFH laser machining system, ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as non-metallic materials up to a thickness of 1 mm can be cut. The speed primarily depends on the desired contour and surface quality. For a copper-beryllium work piece with a thickness of 0.12 mm and high laser cutting quality requirements, for example, a speed of several hundred mm/min can be achieved, while 0.2 mm thick stainless steel allows for a solid 60 mm/min. Thus the time required for laser micro cutting is significantly lower than that of comparable processing with wire-electro discharge machining. In addition, the versatile setting options of the trepanning and focussing options with regard to the cutting gap diameter, cutting angle, speed, focusing lens, and cutting nozzle allow for easy adaptation to the respective application and therefore economical production of even low piece counts.


  • brilliant cut quality
  • no formation of burrs
  • no heat-affected zones
  • right-angled cut edges




Laser cutting
Micro cutting
Laser micro cutting