Laser machine GL.evo


Laser micro machine GL.evo


The production machine for parts from < 1g to 100 kg

Under the name GL.evo, GFH is presenting a 3 or 5 axis machine tool for industrial laser micro machining. The machine design harmonizes the requirements for precise (< 1µm) and dynamic (20m/s²) kinematics with the requirements of short-pulse laser technology. The field of applications ranges from ablation and coating removal processes to engravings and micro drilling with high aspect ratios. For the mentioned tasks different modules are optionally available.




  • working range 640 x 445 [mm]
  • granite machine base [12t]
  • excellent dampening and long-term stability
  • accuracy: +/-1µm
  • max. acceleration: 2g
  • max. axis speed: 2m/s
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining (universal and defined)
  • active water cooling
  • high degree of temperature stability
  • vibration-optimized design


The following link will lead you to the specifications of the GL.evo.

Download Datasheet


Type of axis linear linear linear rotary rotary
drive direct drive spindle drive torque drive
bearing air bearing M&V guideway roller bearing air bearing
travel [mm] 640 445 360 +/- 110° continuous
speed 120 m/min 60 m/min 500 U/min 700 U/min
acceleration 20 m/s² 170 1/s² 120 1/s²
repeatability 1 µm 3 µm 4 arcsec 2 arcsec
accuracy 1,5 µm 4 µm 5 arcsec 4 arcsec
resolution 1,22 nm
rectangularity < 1 arcsec ---
max. weight of load 100 kg 10 kg
clamping T-notches plate clamping system
noise emission ≤ 70 dB
dimensions [mm] B = 2344 / T = 3455 / H = 3087


Gl.evo Vorderansicht
Gl.evo Seitenansicht
Gl.evo Draufansicht
All measurements in mm




Gl.evo Innenleben
Gl.evo GL.rotil
Gl.evo Innenleben




With GL.control you have the possibility to control all sub systems of the machine and coordinate them. The operator of the machine can program all of the tasks in one single user interface.


Software options

The modular design of our GL.control software allows the machine control system to be expanded with a range of functions. Thus the user is able to adapt the software configuration to their requirements.

Software options

Hardware options

Thanks to the modular design, the GL.machines can be expanded with options and therefore adapted precisely to future applications. The following hardware options are available.

Hardware options